What we actually do is quite vague, but we are very good at it!

Our whiteboarding is unparalleled!

Pay by the inch or the hour!

The benefit of not being able to articulate exactly what it is we do and for who means that anything is possible and we can’t be excluded from any of your potential projects.

Whatever it is we end up doing for you, you can be confident you’ll be happy working with us because we:

  • Listen
  • Are 100% focused
  • Collaborate
  • Are nice people
  • Have seen it all
  • Are not a big 4
  • Are passionate
  • Use Powerpoint
  • Are innovative
  • Can tell you whatever you want to hear
  • Understand
  • Spelchek our work

We have a suite of excellent templates used on previous projects.

What We Do

Identify Low Hanging Fruit

Break Down Silos

Think Outside the Square

Transform Things

Move the Needle

Strategise, Strategise & Strategise

Grow Stuff

Give an Outsiders Perspective


Compare Apples with Apples
(Or any other assorted fruit)

Get everyone on the Same Page


Expose the Elephant in the Room

Take Deep Dives

Take a Helicopter View

Our Clients

Please Visit the ASX Stock Exchange or any Government Directory as one of us would have done something for most of them at some stage in our life no matter how insignificant.


Case Studies

Stay tuned, case studies are coming when our clients figure out what we actually did for them…


The NotSure team spent 18 months working with us and the results were amazing. They took a helicopter view, got us all on the same page then took a deep dive, identified the low hanging fruit culminating in a 300 page report that now sits on the Intranet in both PDF and PowerPoint format.

Jan Bungle
Director of Culture – Fluff & Bubble Ltd

We really wanted to move the needle and the NotSure team gave us 5 things to measure with our needle. We are now totally focussed on needles and Notsure made a lot of money so it’s a win / win.

Peter Pointer
Measurement Manager – Digital Dashboards Ltd

We came up with a new strategy and really needed people who could think outside the box. Notsure helped us figure out that it was a hair brain idea that had no legs but wrote their recommendations in such a way that we all kept our jobs. Thanks Notsure!

David Dreamer
Strategy Manager – Department of New Ideas

Our Offer

Fill out this form and not only will we add you to our CRM you will also receive our monthly newsletter on all the latest fads and trends in management world.

You will also receive a quarterly invite for a coffee with one of our consultants who will subtlety help you identify projects that can we work on.

Our Shout!

That’s the NotSure way.

Our People



You will meet a Partner at the 1st meeting who will thereafter become more and more elusive as other people do the work.

Senior Consultants

Senior Consultants

Our Senior Consultants are all under 30 but are able to do most of the work for you as they follow our templates to the tee.

The Rest

The Rest

These are our support staff who are important but not important enough to have a photo on the website.


If you’ve worked in a Big 4 (not the caravan parks), have an MBA and / or recently took a package and are looking to become a consultant you’re in – conditions apply*

*You must be able to bring us new clients or at least get our foot in the door with your last employers list of contacts.